When things are feeling tough, it's really important to take time to care for ourselves too!   At the moment there may be many things that are worrying you with so much change going on to our normal routines. 

Here are some simple ideas to help you manage stress and build your resilience...

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Calming & Grounding Tips

Breathing & 'grounding' exercises can really help to calm things down when you're feeling overwhelmed! Download our 'Calm Breathing Guide' or try the simple 'grounding' techniques (ways to restore calm by bringing you back into the present moment) included in this section. Click below to read more!

Calming ideas

Words to inspire

Poetry, lyrics and more to inspire, motivate and soothe... from Mark Arthur, Caleb Femi, Mark Nepo and more

Words to Inspire

The power of the playlist, music and more

Music is a great way to energise, release and relax. Try these ideas... put together your own playlists to suit your mood; compose your own rap, lyrics or melodies; play an instrument? rock it out with a guitar or let off steam on the drums; join a virtual choir or group ...or log in to the latest virtual 'at home' concerts.

More notes

Worry Busters

There are many ways to deal with anxiety and feelings of uncertainty - check out the following link.

More ideas

Kindness Kit for Difficult Days

Create your own calming, 'kindness kit' full of things to help you if you're feeling low; a picture of your mates; a tempting treat; something comforting to hold; pamper products; creative materials; emergency list of friends to call; positive message cards or reminders of your favourite breathing or grounding technique... really make it your own!


Limit News Exposure

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of worrying news? Take back control and limit the time you spend on the news channels or social media feeds; try to stick to trusted news sources, avoiding rumours that may cause unnecessary worry. Manage your social media and switch to positive news channels.

Manage News

Get connected

Reach out to friends and family. When we're feeling low it can be natural to want to withdraw but talking to someone - a friend, colleague, a helpline can really make a difference.

Get Creative!

How do you like to express yourself? Do you rap, compose, sing, dance, paint, draw, design, sculpt, sew, knit, bake - the list is endless - start thinking about the ways you can express your feelings and fill your time in positive ways.

Get Creative

Kindness Counts!

Acts of kindness and reaching out to others in need not only helps them but can also make you feel good too.  Whether giving or receiving it, kindness really can make a difference.   

Link Here

Create a routine

If you're having to stay at home, try and build yourself a daily routine.... it may be different to your norm but it can really help.

Do something you CAN control when anxiety hits

When worrying about things we can't really control, it's sometimes helpful to express it in ways that we CAN control - for instance, try acknowledging the feeling by writing it down in a diary or journal; or vent the feelings in physical exercise; distract yourself with activities such as baking, tidying, composing or painting. Then set it aside...

Change the view - turn the thinking around

Dealing with change often can be difficult yet if we can look at things from a different perspective, it can really help us to adapt and transform.

New Views

Keep on learning

While coping with quarantine and social distancing - perhaps its time to finish off that project or try out a new skill or idea!. You might want to learn a new language, write a book or short story, master new technology, learn to play an instrument, take up knitting, composing or calligraphy; try new exercises, create an online book club or fine tune your Origami skills! Be as creative as you like - it's a great distraction!

Keep on learning

'Paw-fect' Pets

Time with pets can be really calming and comforting - they're great company, good listeners (who don't talk back) and a great distraction. From dogs and cats to pet lizards and hamsters and Insta's famous Lionel the hedgehog - they really can be a great boost to your wellbeing!



It's important to show yourself some TLC - sticking to a healthy diet, exercise and self care routines that promote relaxation and wellbeing.

More TLC

Privacy and quiet space

When we're all suddenly at home together for long periods of time, it can be difficult to adjust. Finding that quiet space or private time may be difficult but can really be rewarding - if there's no separate space you can head to, it may even be as simple as putting your headphones in and closing your eyes, losing yourself in the music.

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