Feeling overwhelmed by world events or things that are being reported in the news?  The often constant stream of shocking and often distressing events at home and in the world can leave us feeling a whole range of emotions - from anxious, and helpless to sad, guilty or angry.

The following are just a few ideas to help keep things more manageable...

#ownyourfeed - top tips from Young Minds

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Take Time Out

With 24/7 news reporting it's easy to get caught up scrolling through the news channels.  So instead try to set yourself some realistic boundaries (such as time limits) that ration your exposure to the news.  

Tune in to the Happy Broadcast - Anxiety Free News

Tuning in to news that is more uplifting can create some balance.  If you want anxiety free news that features positive thoughts & news from around the world - tune in to the Happy Broadcast's news feed on Instagram.

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You've Got a Text! Mute Media Site Notifications

The constant ping of notifications from news and media sites can mean it's hard to take a break from the news... consider putting them on mute for a while.