Qi Gong Exercise Video

Try this easy to follow Qi Gong video to help with Anxiety, Trauma Release and Recovery; a gentle exercise support video with Qi Gong practitioner Rosemary Biraghi.

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Online Yoga for Teens with YogaEd

Yoga Ed's yoga channel contains classes, brain breaks, and relaxations for teens and young people from beginners classes to simple ideas to help you get a digital break or to manage emotions - classes include help with focus, calming emotions and even for soccer skills.  Subscribe to their channel now.


PE with Joe Wicks - daily workouts for you and your family

Joe Wicks became a lockdown hero with his morning home workouts available free to all, whatever your fitness level.   Now Joe's You Tube Channel has more than 250 family workouts to try for free.    Check them out here!!

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NHS Fitness Studios

A whole range of instructor-led videos from 10-45 mins across our aerobics exercise, strength and resistance, and pilates and yoga categories. Special workouts suitable for new mums, such as postnatal yoga, or health problems, such as pilates for back pain. Plus, there's the Wake up! workout, Vinyasa flow yoga, and Belly dancing for beginners to get you moving.

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Sport England - How to stay active while you're at home

Sport England have put together some useful tips about how you can stay active when you are at home.


Gym free workouts

NHS Gym-free workouts that are equipment free - seated yoga, standing abs workout, chair workout, neck exercises and more.

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Ballet at Home with the ENB

Ballet classes 'in your kitchen' - English National Ballet artistic director and lead principal dancer, Tamara Rojo, is teaching classes via ENB's YouTube and Facebook pages.

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Nature Walks

Want to lift your spirits? Take time out from the tech' and head out for a stroll.  Walking is known to reduce anxiety and stress and can even improve sleep.  Short walks in nature can really boost your mood especially if you do so mindfully -notice the flowers, bird song, sunsets, cloud formations around you...  Take a look around you and appreciate nature.   You may like to join a group such as the Ramblers Association to get you started and for first time ramblers, take a look at their safety guide here