'One Breath' a poem by Mark Arthur

Take a moment to watch the inspiring Mark Arthur, a Black author and meditator, reading his powerful poem One Breath 'a prayer for all beings' at a virtual 'Satsang' (Q&A) with Tara Brach.  The video is reproduced here (link below) with kind permission of both Mark and Tara, available with other inspiring talks and meditations at the Tara Brach You Tube Channel.


Poems of Protest, Resistance and Empowerment

Speaking 'truth to power remains a crucial role of the poet in the face of political & media rhetoric' so the Poetry Foundation have brought together a selection of poems that 'call out and talk back to the inhumane forces... expose grim truths, raise consciousness, and build united fronts". 

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The Important Things In Life Animation

By opening our minds and hearts to new experiences, beginning to treat ourselves with kindness, compassion and gratitude, we can build connection, boost wellbeing and increase happiness.  This lovely little animation really helps us to remember the important things.... take a few minutes to watch. 

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Mark Nepo - Poetry

Poet, philosopher, spiritual writer... Mark Nepo's touching and soulful work touches on themes with which we can all identify, such as our struggle to 'inhabit the soul through a messy human life, and how underneath our differences, we can be who we are everywhere and create a path to what matters".  Check out his website here or his You Tube channel (use link below) to enjoy weekly readings and discussion of his work.  

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Caleb Femi - Poet and Director

Nigerian born Caleb Femi came to London age 7, settling in Peckham - an  experience he explores in  ‘Children of the ’Narm’.   He's a renowned poet and director who shapes youth culture through film, photography and music.  As Young People’s Laureate for London (2016-18), Caleb aimed to "re-engage young people, who have long been disenfranchised, through poetry... Poetry is the one of the purest forms of conversation there is."


A Poem about Hope - Nicholas Mazza



is the belief    

that one hand

reaching to another

can eventually

touch the moon,

allowing the light to guide us

through the night