Kindness has a wonderful 'win-win' quality - benefiting the receiver and also the giver!  It can boost your mood, reduce stress and release your feel good hormones.  It's effects are contagious and  can create a wonderful ripple effect that can spread far beyond... try and bring a little kindness into your daily living... see what happens!

Make Kindness the Norm - RAK

To commemorate World Kindness Day, follow the RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Foundation's top tips for 'making kindness the norm'.


Kindness Day UK

Kindness UK celebrated on 13 November each year aims to make kindness a greater part of everyone’s daily lives and to increase the awareness of the positive benefits of kindness to health and the overall wellbeing of society.

Check out their website for ideas and inspiration - find out how you or your school could get involved.


Random Acts of Kindness in School

How a group of young people in 'The breakfast club' found the transformative power of anonymous giving by performing random acts of kindness for staff, students and the community - the ripple effects and positive impact on relationships and happiness were extraordinary.  Read their story here!

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One Act of Kindness - Ted Talk by Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly, inspirational speaker, explains how one act of kindness has the power to change your life...

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Born This Way Foundation

Lady Gaga and her mum Cynthia set up the BTW foundation to support young people's mental health and wellbeing, we aim to make kindness cool, validate the feelings of young people and remove the stigma surrounding mental health.  the BTW Channel Kindness is a digital platform providing a  safe space for young people to tell their stories of kindness, resilience, and community.   

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