Welcome to the Self Help Hub's guide to supporting services & resources - listed under this section A are resources supporting the following subject areas: Abduction, Abuse, Advocacy, ADHD, Alcohol, Allergies, Alopecia, Anger, Anxiety, Apprenticeships, Assertiveness, Asthma, Asylum, Autism.  Click below to find more details. 

If you think a child has been abducted
Contact the police immediately.
Call 999 if you think they are in immediate danger. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our textphone service 18000 or text us on 999 if you’ve pre-registered with the emergency SMS service

Otherwise call 101 or report a crime online.

Child Law Advice
The Child Law Advice Service provides legal advice and information on family, child and education law affecting children and families in England. This service is provided via this website packed with how to guides and information pages. 

LawStuff provides free legal information to children and young people.

Met Police Advice - Parental Child Abduction - link here to a prevention and reporting guide.

Reunite International Child Abduction Centre - 01162 556234
The leading UK charity specialising in international parental child abduction and the movement of children across international borders.

Operate the only telephone advice line in the UK offering practical, impartial advice, information and support to parents, family members and guardians who are involved in cases of international parental child abduction –  including those who have had their child abducted, or who may have abducted their child.



If you are in imminent danger and need the support of emergency services, please call 999.

If you are too scared to speak or make a noise, the Silent Solution system enables a 999 mobile caller to press 55 when prompted – to inform police they are in a genuine emergency.

Childline - 0800 1111
Childline is a free, private and confidential service where you can talk about anything. Whatever your worry, whenever you need help - online, on the phone, anytime. Watch this video to find out more about talking to Childline. 

Into the Light
An organisation providing counselling, information, support and resources for people who have experienced child sexual abuse and for those who support them.

One In Four
One in Four specialise in supporting childhood survivors and current survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, abuse and trauma and raising awareness of this challenging issue. They provide counselling, advocacy, resources (link here) and a helpline

NSPCC Dedicated Support Line ‘Report Abuse in Education’ 
0800 136 663,  help@nspcc.org.uk.  
A dedicated NSPCC Helpline 'Report Abuse in Education' for victims of sexual abuse to provide support, advice and onward action including contacting professionals or the police if they wish. The line is open to children, young people and adult victims of sexual abuse and can also provide support to parents and professionals too. 

Survivors' Gateway - London  
0808 801 0860
The London Survivors' Gateway offers victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse aged 13+ help to access specialist services in London.  It provides information on what help is available after rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse or any form of sexual violence and offer support to access these services. They work with anyone aged 13 or above regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, language, ethnicity or immigration status.  If you are a survivor and would like to access their service, please complete an online self-referral form.

Victim Support
Emotional and practical support for anyone affected by a crime regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police.

Free, confidential support 24/7, not only for those who experience it directly, but also their friends, family and any other people involved. It doesn’t matter when the crime took place – you can get our support at any time, and for however long you need us.

The Survivors Trust -
Helpline 08088 010 818
The Survivors Trust is the largest umbrella agency for specialist rape and sexual abuse services in the UK.
Find support services in your area in their directory (link here)

Women and Girls Network
0808 801 0660 
WGN are a free service run by women, for women in London who have been affected by all forms of violence and abuse.

Young Women's Service works to create safe and confidential spaces to get support. If you are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing any form of violence against women and girls (VAWG) contact WGN to get support. 

What is Advocacy?
Simply put, advocacy is about helping people speak for themselves and getting support from another person to help you express your views and wishes; it can help you to stand up for your rights.

An advocate is someone who helps you in this way, helping you to make decisions for yourself. 

Mencap support anyone with learning disabilities and although they do not offer an advocacy service if you contact their Learning Disability Helpline we may be able to put you in touch with someone who does.

MIND - Adult Advocacy Services (18+)
Read more about advocacy in mental health and hope it may support you at the MIND website. 

You can watch Mind's video about advocacy by clicking here.

NYAS - National Youth Advisory Service - free helpline 0808 808 1001
or help@nyas.net
NYAS champion and support the voices and rights of care experienced children and young people.Provides a wide range of support, advice and information including Helpline.  

A charity who provide information, advice, support and advocacy to people who experience disability, vulnerability, distress and social exclusion. POhWER's qualified professional advocates support children and young people in England through a range of services.

They work face to face with children and young people who are receiving treatment on a mental health unit - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Our CAMHS advocacy support is provided within both private and NHS hospitals across the country. Young people can refer themselves to the service or speak to the advocate during a regular drop in.

Voiceability - 0300 303 1660
Voiceability is an independent charity who support people to be heard in decisions about their health, care and wellbeing. They are one of the UK's largest providers of advocacy and involvement services.

Childline - Being Adopted
Information and support for young people who have been adopted - finding out you have been adopted, what to do if you feel you don't fit in or are being bullied, and support if you are thinking about contacting your biological parents.

Adoption Search Reunion
A website for anyone thinking about searching for or making contact with birth and adopted relatives or researching an adoption that took place in the UK.  

You may also find it useful to look at other resources in the Directory including Learning Support. 

ADDISS 020 8952 2800. 
Provides people-friendly information and resources about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to anyone who needs assistance.

Digital and hard copy magazine with training and information on all aspects of ADHD and ADD.  Sign up for free email version and access to free webinars.

Additude: ADHD in Women - article about ADHD in women.

ADHD Foundation
The neurodiversity charity.

ADHD and Me with Rory Bremner: BBC 2 Horizon Documentary
In this documentary, comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner is on a mission to uncover the science of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), a condition which he has suspected he has. In this film he learns about the science of ADHD, goes for a diagnosis, and tries the drug methylphenidate (also known as Ritalin) for the first time - just before walking on stage.  Rory Bremner describes how he sees the world, what helps him make connections that inform his comedy and how these ADHD-like thought processes can have a negative impact.

ADHD Alien create free comics about the daily struggle with ADHD including helpful graphics that explain symptoms and difficulties in fun, accessible, graphic form such as the image below (copyright ADHD Alien).

HACSG (Hyperactive Childrens Support Group)
The Hyperactive Children’s Support Group is a registered charity, which has been successfully helping Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and hyperactive children and their families for over 43 years. Their specialism is advocating a dietary approach to the problem of hyperactivity with resources and information available related to Food Additives, Food Intolerance, Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamins & Minerals and how they can impact on hyperactivity and ADHD.

Royal College Of Psychiatrists - ADHD in Adults
Information about ADHD in adults.

Born to Be ADHD: Stories that Never Stand Still
A book that celebrates ' what’s amazing
and annoying, fun and funny, incredibly inspiring and wonderfully weird about ADHD. Sharing stories, struggles
and achievements, this book gives you an opportunity to learn or remind yourself about the positives of
having an ADHD brain.

Young Minds
For information about ADHD and to download their guide for parents - click here.

'How To ADH', You Tube Channel:

How to Recognise ADHD in Girls

Adfam - 020 7553 7640
Support for people with a family member who takes drugs or alcohol, helping to find local support groups.

Al Anon Family Groups - 020 7403 0888
www.al-anonuk.org.uk.Confidential helpline and support for anyone whose life is or has been affected by someone else's drinking

Al Anon Helpline - 0800 0086 811
Free call, 7 days a week. 

Alateen is for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics. Alateen is part of Al-Anon.

Information and advice.

0300 123 1110
A confidential helpline for anyone concerned about their own or another's drinking.  They can help you to locate a local service.

DrugFam 0300 888 3853
Provides a seven day a week lifeline of safe, caring and professional support to families, friends, partners and significant others who are struggling to cope with a loved one’s addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling. They also support those bereaved by drugs, alcohol, gambling and related causes.

Through a range of services, which also include education and awareness, they support families to break free from the cycle of addiction and rebuild their lives.

FRANK - 0800 776600 or text phone for hard of hearing to 0800 917 8765
'Honest information about drugs' - Talk to Frank for facts, support and confidential advice on drugs and alcohol.

NACOA - 0800 358 3456
National Association for Children of Alcoholics offers information, advice and support to children of any age of alcohol dependent parents. 

Talk About Alcohol
A site that is written and managed by a charity called The Alcohol Education Trust (AET).  The talkaboutalcohol.com site is designed to be used by young people in a classroom setting as part of PSHE lessons on alcohol.  It is designed mainly for Key stage 3 

We Are With You
Offer free, confidential support with alcohol, drugs or mental health - help for you, or if you are worried about someone else. Access an alcohol toolkit and other resources here.

Allergy UK 01322 619898
Support for people living with allergy.  Helpline and live chat options available. 

Anaphalaxis UK 01252 542029
Supports people at risk of severe allergies.

Asthma UK
Information and advice about Asthma including allergic asthma. 'Allergic (or atopic) asthma is asthma that’s triggered by allergens like pollen, pets and dust mites'. 

NHS - Hayfever Advice

NHS - Anaphalaxis Information
* Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment.*

Spare Pens In Schools 
Offer training, information and advice about Anaphalaxis including training on use of Auto-injector pens.   Advice for parents, professionals and young people including a guide to Anaphalaxis for school children (link to this above in headline).


Alopecia UK
Support, advice and practical information for anyone affected by alopecia.

Little Princess Trust
Wig requests - 01432 760060
General Enquiries - 01432 352359
The Little Princess Trust provides free real hair wigs to children and young people, up to 24 years, who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

Male Survivors Network - Self Help Guide to Anger
Download this handy leaflet using link above to help you understand and manage anger.

Young Minds
To download the Young Minds' Guide to Anger for free - click here. To understand more about your triggers and why you feel angry, click here - it's the first step to figuring out what is causing it, and finding a way to make things better.    

Book recommendation:
The Secret Lives of Men - James Hawes

Author James Hawes is on a mission to help men to develop emotional fitness.  Described as a 'toolbox for men', it includes 50 practical tips to build emotional muscles, info' on what other men think and feel and tips on improving relationships. Order from Amazon here.

NHS Self Help Guide - Problems With Anger Booklet
A self-help guide based on CBT principles which is intended for people with mild-to-moderate problems with anger.

Anxiety UK08444 775 774 
Promotes the relief and rehabilitation of persons suffering from agoraphobia and associated anxiety disorders, phobias and conditions.

Anxiety UK have a special section on coping with concerns around Coronavirus here, including a series of webinars.

Anxiety Alliance0845 2967877 
(10am-10pm daily, local call charge). 
Anxiety Alliance is a charity dedicated to helping and supporting those suffering from anxiety. The telephone number can also be accessed overnight for guided relaxation.

Childline - Calmzone
A range of activities and tools including breathing exercises to help you feel better when you're feeling anxious, scared or sad.

Clear Fear
Clear Fear is an App to help you tackle anxiety by Stem 4 the teenage mental health charity - download the Clear Fear leaflet by using this link here.

Check out the app in the HYCS App Zone - link here. 

No Panic:
Youth Helpline for 13-20 year olds - 0330 606 1174 
or call recorded relaxation message for panic – 01952 680835 – 24 hours  
Charity providing information, support & care for those who experience anxiety, panic, phobia and OCD.

Qi Gong for Anxiety, Trauma Release and Recovery Video
Easy to follow exercise support video with Qi Gong practitioner Rosemary Biraghi. 

Triumph Over Phobia (TOP) UK - 01225 422705
 Charity for people with phobias or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

The Site
Information and support for young people age 16+ – advice about sex, relationships, drugs, mental health, housing and employment.

Find An Apprenticeship
Search and apply for an apprenticeship in England using this link.

Fire It Up National Apprenticeship  Service - 08000 150 400
Twitter - @Apprenticeships or @FireItUp_Apps
Find out what you need to do to become an apprentice.  

Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Information
Check here to find out about new apprenticeship standards

A leading scientific training provider, CSR support apprenticeships in science and healthcare settings. Read more about their support for apprentices here. 

My Big Career
A charity dedicated to providing careers advice and support to young people, from disadvantaged backgrounds.  If you are aged 16-21 and would like to speak to someone about your educational or employment pathways such as help creating a good application for an an apprenticeship or creating a CV contact MyBigCareer - simply fill in a form on their website to request help - link here. 

Childline - About Assertiveness
Article about assertiveness and ways to build your assertiveness skills.

Kids Helpline - Being Assertive and Managing Boundaries
Advice on handling tricky situations assertively. 

Using assertiveness is a positive way to communicate.  It helps you to explain your viewpoint in awkward situations in a calm, confident and controlled way; being firm but also balanced.

It involves respecting yourself and your rights but also being respectful towards others too.  So it's very different from getting aggressive (ie being pushy and rude, swearing at, intimidating or putting others down) or being passive (ie. going along with things to avoid conflict or stress and ending up feeling upset or taken advantage of).  

Assertiveness skills can help you to feel heard, reduce stress, and resolve difficulties with friends, families and beyond. The more you practice the easier it will become. 

Asthma UK - 0300 222 5800
Speak to an asthma expert nurse for free advice or visit the website for information.

If you are worried about Coronavirus - check out the Asthma UK website here.

UK government website - you may be able  to get housing and money to support you and your family while you’re waiting to find out if you’ll be given asylum.  Click here for information or call one of the helplines below. 

Asylum Help UK - 0808 801 0503
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
(24-hour service for emergencies).  Call Asylum Help UK if you’re an adult asylum seeker or the dependant of an adult asylum seeker.

Asylum Support Application UK - 0808 801 0503
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
(24-hour service for emergencies)
Call Asylum Support Application UK if you’re an asylum seeker and can’t support yourself financially and want to apply for asylum support.

The Bike Project
The Bike Project donate refurbished bikes to refugees and asylum seekers. Find out how to register for a bike here.  Bikes are great for wellbeing, help to improve mobility and boost independence.

Boloh 0800 151 2605
Boloh is Barnardo’s helpline and webchat for those 11+ offering culturally informed signposting, advice and therapeutic support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children, young people and families affected by the pandemic. The helpline service now also supports the mental health and wellbeing of adult asylum seekers across the UK. 

Children’s Panel (England only)
Telephone: 020 7346 1134
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm
(limited service at other times)
Call Children’s Panel if you’re a child in the UK on your own and applying for asylum.

Migrant Children's Project - CORAM Children's Legal Centre
This project can provide one off advice via email mcpadvice@coramclc.org; connects you to expert advice from a solicitor, legal advice on issues affecting children or young people subject to immigration control.

Red Cross - 0808 196 3651
Information, resources and a free/confidential support line offering support in more than 200 languages, 10-6pm daily.  Supports those who are lonely, worried, impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and finding it difficult to access food or medication in the UK.
- Wellbeing resources for adults and young people in 27 languages - click this link here.

- Ukrainian refugee support - click this link here.

Right To Remain
Charity offering advice and information about the UK immigration and asylum system.

Rights of Women: Immigration and Asylum Law Line - 020 7490 7689
For women who need advice on their immigration status including immigration law including domestic violence, long residence and family life; rights of Europeans and their families in the UK, asylum, trafficking, financial support options. 

“People with autism aren’t broken computers; we’re different operating systems - we see things differently”. Alan Gardner, The Autistic Gardener.

Ambitious About Autism
National charity for children and young people with autism.  Downloadable support resources including Autism Toolkit.

Asperger's Syndrome Foundation
aims to promote high quality support, resources and services, and to enable people with Asperger’s Syndrome to develop into members of the community who are respected for their contribution and recognised for their unique differences.

Autism Matters - 18+ age group
Offers a range of support services for autistic adults (18+).

The leading UK research charity on autism with links to useful information such as managing anxiety.  They also have a section to support autistic people during the anxiety and uncertainty of coronavirus here.

The Girl with the Curly Hair Project
The Curly Hair Project is a social enterprise that helps people on the autistic spectrum and the people around them.  They use cool things like animated films, comic strips and diagrams to make their work interesting and easy to understand!

I Support
01923 693 741 info@isupportbehaviour.com
A team of independent specialist Behaviour Analysts working to help create better lives for people with autism and/or a learning disability.  They work directly with families and services, empowering them to become the specialists.

The service is short-term, with a focus on creating a network of support around each person. They assess, develop and implement support plans, train and empower, and plan to withdraw upon agreement of all stakeholders.

Information Autism
A site providing up-to-date, scientifically reliable information about autism.

This includes information about some of the issues, problems and challenges facing autistic individuals. It also includes information about a wide range of treatments, therapies and services used to help them.

Living Autism 0800 756 2420
The Living Autism team help to find the autism services, autism advice and autism support you need.

National Autistic Society
0808 800 4104 autism helpline
National charity offering support, services, advice and information for anyone impacted by the autism spectrum.

Follow the link here to the NAS directory of services for individuals on the autism spectrum. 

Download their free booklet Understanding Autism here. 

Neuroclastica - Change Divergently
'The autism spectrum according to autistic people'. Resources and information for parents, educators and those on the autism spectrum.

NHS - Guide to Autism
This NHS guide can help if you or someone you care about is autistic or might be autistic covering signs of autism, diagnosis  and living with autism.

Our Barn (Hounslow Borough)
Our Barn runs community-based activities providing learning, life skills and social interaction for young people aged between 16 to 35 with learning disabilities or autism. We also support unpaid carers, regardless of the age of the person cared for.  Our Barn is  a 'bridge' for 16-25 year olds in Hounslow Borough between formal education and adult life and a meeting place to share in fun experiences plus grow and develop in a setting that still provides structure and support.  

Wrong Planet
Wrong Planet is the web community designed for individuals (and parents / professionals of those) with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, PDDs, and other neurological differences. We provide a discussion forum, where members communicate with each other, an article section, with exclusive articles and how-to guides, a blogging feature, and more

Vlogs, Blogs and Other Resources:

Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones is an award-winning campaigner who speaks and writes on  LGBTQ+ rights, mental health,  autism & gender.   Vlogs available on her website and YouTube channel including 'Q&A on learning I was autistic at 19'.

- A Day at Secondary School for the Girl with the Curly Hair (click here for link)

- Understanding Autism Video by I Support charity (click here for link)

- Autism in Pink (click here for link)- women's experiences of autism.

- 1800 Seconds on Autism on BBC Sounds - for 18+ - with autistic hosts Robyn Steward & Jamie Knight - from home & family to humour and epic geekiness, this is a podcast about thinking differently. 

The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods by Robyn Steward
For ages 9+ and written in a gender neutral style.  Includes a flap system to manage the amount of images you see.  Includes step by step photos for using menstrual cups, period underwear and cloth pads”.  Read more at the author's website (link above).

The Autism Friendly Guide to Self Employment by Robyn Steward
A practical and friendly guide to self employment.

Do You See Me? and Do You Know Me -
both fiction books R Westcott & Libby Scott
Featuring 'the brilliant, autistic and true-to-her-own-self heroine Tally' in books which explore some of the most crucial issues in a young person’s life including 'loyalty, acceptance and the intricacies of social interaction'

- How to Teach Self-Management to People with Severe Disabilities: A Training Manual, Lynn Koegel

- Self-Management for Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, Lee A. Wilkinson

- Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full: How Asperger Syndrome Has Changed My Life, Chris Mitchell

- Making Sense of the Unfeasible: My Life Journey with Asperger Syndrome, Mark Fleisher

Thinking in Pictures, Temple Grandin