Welcome to the Self Help Hub's guide to supporting services & resources - listed under this section P & Q are resources supporting the following subject areas: Panic, Parenting, Perfectionism, Personal Safety, Pets, Pregnancy, Prison and Puberty.

For support with feelings of panic - please see resources listed under A for Anxiety. You may also find it helpful to download a copy of our Calm Breathing Guide

Or try this 


Clear Fear
Clear Fear is an App to help you tackle anxiety and panic by Stem 4 the teenage mental health charity - download the Clear Fear leaflet by using this link here.

Check out the app in the HYCS App Zone - link here. 

No Panic: Support for Panic, OCD, Anxiety
Youth Helpline for 13-20 yr olds: 0330 606 1174, opening hours 3pm - 6pm, Monday - Friday; 6pm - 8pm, Thursdays and Saturdays. 
No Panic Recorded Relaxation Message: 01952 680835, listen to a recorded relaxation & breathing exercise to help you manage a panic attack, listen to the audio here.  Available 24/7.

Family Lives Helpline
0808 800 2222  
Free, confidential helpline offering information and support on any aspect of parenting and family life.

Gingerbread - 0808 802 0925
Free call, support and expert advice for lone parents.

Young Dads' Collective - 0207 940 7539
We employ a small team of young fathers, training, mentoring and enabling them to share their knowledge and experiences with practitioners, service providers and policy makers and to influence change in policy and practice.

Young Minds Parents' Helpline - 0808 802 5544 parents@youngminds.org.uk 
Free confidential information and advice, for adults  worried about the emotional problems, behaviour or mental health of a young person up to age 25.


Hounslow Borough Resources:
Family Information Service (FIS) & Directory (FID) - 020 8583 3470   Information service & directory for parents/carers of young people aged 0-19 in Hounslow Borough.

CAMHS: Duty Line, Hounslow Borough - 020 8483 2050 Daily from 12.00hrs – 14.00hrs. 
(Child Adolescent Mental Health Service) 

Early Help Hounslow0208 583 6600 option 1
Information service for parents/carers of young people aged 0-19.

Period Pal
An inclusive and ethical online app for tracking periods.  Funded by donations, with no subscription fees. To sign-up for a free account to track periods and your health use weblink in headline.

NHS - Period Problems
If you are starting periods or experiencing problems such as heavy or painful periods, check out the NHS advice here.

Red Moon Gang @redmoongang
"If you’re looking for inclusive, accessible and shame-free period talk, you’ve come to the right place" - website, blog, and insta account covering all things menstruation, linked to the Red Moon Gang book (see link below). 


Red Moon Gang: An Inclusive Guide to Periods (Paperback) by Tara Costello, illustrated by Mary Purdie

Everything you wanted to know about periods in one gender-neutral book covering the biology, period products and their pros and cons, PMS, a period toolkit with tips to make life easier and much more. 

The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods by Robyn Steward
For ages 9+ and written in a gender neutral style.  Includes a flap system to manage the amount of images you see.  Includes step by step photos for using menstrual cups, period underwear and cloth pads”.  Read more at the author's website (link above).


See also Travel section of this A-Z Directory for more information about safety when travelling.

Respect Not Fear 
Information, support options and some tips to help you stay safe if you are in an abusive relationship or trying to end a relationship safely. 

RNLI Water Safety
Practical safety advice about any open water swimming.  If you got into trouble in the water, would you know what to do? What about if it was someone you care about in danger? Find out how to keep you and your loved ones safe with the RNLI.

Also take a look at the RNLI guide here so that you 'know the risks' - link click here

Suzy Lamplugh Trust 

Personal safety advice and information for young people including "On the Street' leaflet.

Safer Travel - Caroline's Rainbow Foundation
Charity promoting safer travel offering advice, information and training.  

Watch their video for travellers called 'What is personal safety' using this link.

Listen to their Safer Travel podcast on You Tube here.

Myers Briggs - 16 personalities
There are many different personality tests available but one of the most well known is the Myers Briggs test.  Find out more about it here and take a simplified version of the test here for free.

Dogs' Trust
Warm weather advice to keep your pet safe from the Dogs Trust charity - link here. 

Here you will find 'everything you need to know about how to care for your pet and keep them healthy, happy and safe all year round - whether it's a dog, a cat or a bearded dragon!'.

RSPCA - Petcare advice in Summer
Here are some steps you can take to ensure your dog stays cool during the summer months.

You may also find it helpful to look at our section under M in this directory title Money for money and debt advice, student finance, support for financial difficulty and other money issues. 

Cookingonabootstrap - Jack Monroe
Recipes and ideas for cooking on a very low, tight budget with food campaigner and author Jack Monroe.  Watch Jack's Ted Talk - link here.

National DebtlineIndependent charity, providing free, impartial debt advice by phone and online to people across the UK.

Fuel Bank Foundation

This organisation works with selected food banks and advice agencies to provide people with 'the breathing space they need to get back on their feet when facing a fuel crisis' - advice and practical support.

MoneyHelper is a government site which brings together the support and services of three government-backed financial guidance providers: the Money Advice Service, the Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise.  Advice on everything from benefits and pensions to debt and budgeting.

- Teen Cash Guide: (Link Here)
A practical 'teenage survival guide to living in one of the most competitive consumer economies in the world'.
- Energy saving tips - (link here)

National Energy Action 0800 304 7159
National Energy Action (NEA) are the national fuel poverty charity, working to ensure that everyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is warm and safe at home.  Advice, information and support including a new Warm and Safe Homes Advice webchat support service - link to NEA Warm & Safe Homes webchat here.

Scope 0808 800 3333

The disability equality charity in England and Wales who can provide practical information and emotional support when it's most needed.   Offer a Disability Energy Support Service - with free energy and water advice for disabled people, helping them to manage their energy and water needs.   Simply contact them for a telephone appointment.

Trussell Trust - Food Banks
Food banks are grassroots, community organisations aimed at supporting people who cannot afford the essentials in life. The Trussell Trust offer advice in a crisis via their Get Help page and a nationwide 'find a food bank' service and provide other practical support to deal with financial hardship. 

Brook - 0870 750 3082
Free, confidential sexual health and wellbeing experts who provide advice and support for all aspects of sexual health and wellbeing including contraception, pregnancy, STI's and more.  Find a Service guide to help you identify a support service close to you.

Crossway - Pregnancy Crisis Centre
020 8892 8483 or text 07776 482350
A free and confidential service for women who are facing an unintended pregnancy or who are dealing with a pregnancy loss (whether through termination, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, preterm loss or stillbirth).  They are committed to offering professional standards of non-directive care to support you.

Support for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

NHS - Am I pregnant?
Advice on what to do if you think you might be pregnant. 

Start4Life (NHS)
NHS help and advice during pregnancy, birth and parenthood. 

Tommy's Pregnancy Hub
Provide a midwife-led information hub which covers everything you need to know about having a safe and healthy pregnancy, from conception to birth.

Young Mums Ante-Natal Group, Isleworth (YMAG) - 07786 982 365
Run by a team of midwives who help support teenage and young mothers during their pregnancies. As adolescent parents face many challenges YMAG aims to provide support and continuity of care. 

Doing Time
A guide to prison and probation from first arrest through to sentencing, prison life and probation. 

Procrastination is when we avoid or delay doing a task.  There may be many reasons why we procrastinate, perhaps because the task we have to do feels boring, complex or overwhelming, perhaps we resent having to do it or just don't see the point.  

There are four key types of procrastinators 

Worriers - who take on too much and find it hard to complete, who may find it hard to say no then end up feeling overwhelmed.

Fun Seekers - who will get distracted by anything and everything else rather than the task in hand and end up rushing or not completing.

Perfectionists - Fear failing, aiming to do things perfectly and end up feeling stuck and not completing. 

Laid Back - why rush attitude? Assume they have all the time in the world or find it hard to get started and prefer to work when right up against a deadline.

Overcoming Procrastination:

Videos, Vlogs and Blogs
"Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator - Tim Urban Tex X Talk 


Advice about puberty and how if affects girls, boys and trans young people.

Advice about the stages of puberty and what happens.