Study with K Pop

If you like relaxing sounds to help you focus and concentrate when studying or revising, try out one of the many K pop piano playlists on You Tube and Spotify - relaxing piano versions of your fave pop classics.   


All Night Unwind - BBC Sounds

Slumbertime sounds -Hannah Peel clicks play on a magical wind-down playlist to send you to sleep.


Ambient Sounds to Relax, Study and Chill

Listen to relaxing music, ambient atmospheres and astonishing sound effects. Choose from the library or create your own - everything from the sounds of the Hogwarts Library, the sounds of a storm or a trip to Rivendell...


Soft Sounds of ASMR You Tube Hit

84 year old John Butler has become a You Tube Sensation attracting millions of views with his softly spoken voice and philosophical views.  The ex-farmer became a hit when an interview he gave in 2016 which became popular with the online Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) community.


Together at Home - Virtual Concerts Live from Celebrities' Homes

Home concerts, streamed live on social media by a whole range of artists are now helping to reach out to people during the current coronavirus outbreak. For instance - Chris Martin of Coldplay kicked off a daily, ongoing series of Insta Live home-concerts called "Together At Home" (A Global Citizen/WHO iniative) which has so far also featured John Legend, Hozier and Rufus Wainwright. Other artists are streaming live via their social media, so check in with your favourite artists to see what they are doing.


Chill with BBC's Nature Soundscapes Collection

Spending time in nature can improve mood and wellbeing and this collection brings together virtaul soundscapes of music and nature to audiences with Radio 3,6 Music, BBC Sounds, Winterwatch and more.