Manifest What You Want- 30 seconds a day

Sometimes we tend to focus on what we don't want, but try this instead! Imagine things going well as fully as you can. Spend 30 seconds trying to imagine the full details. What you feel,see,hear. What would be happening if things went well?  Picture the scene and "screenshot it" in your mind's eye. Make it a daily habit and see what happens!

Check the View

Take a look at the picture to the left - what number do you see? is it a 9 or is it a 6, or is it both.... just consider that there can be many ways to look at a problem situation! By looking from a different angle, it may help us to understand (and respond differently) to others; to notice the resources and choices we do have available ; to find creative alternatives; and to do so in ways that support us and allow us to thrive.

The Power of Three - Gratitude Practice

Building a sense of gratitude is proven to boost positive emotions, reduce depression and generate a sense of wellbeing. So try this lovely 'gratitude' practice by keeping a daily gratitude journal (either in a book or on your phone), briefly noting "3 good things" from your day which went well or for which you are grateful. You may also want to add why. If you practice this daily, its proven to help boost positive emotions and a sense of wellbeing.
Unsure what to write? it may be a big or a small thing - a hug from a loved one, a flower in a field, something tasty to eat, your health, a cuddle with your pet cat or dog, listening to your favourite song.... each day, turn your attention to things that could form part of your journal...

Flip the thinking - from obligation to opportunity, complaint to gratitude

When your thoughts are negative, change it up with a more playful approach - so for example, switching from a sense of obligation (I have to do....) to one of opportunity (I get to doxxx); moving from complaint (I'm really angry) to one of gratitude (fortunately I'm....) - see how different that feels, notice the change.

Inspiring stories - The Fitness Instructor in Spain

A personal fitness instructor in Spain was unable to work in the usual way during lockdown - instead of giving up, the trainer went to his rooftop terrace and lead people in a workout class while they were on their balconies.