Download the pdf of the HYCS pocket guide 'Calm Breathing Practice' here.

Introducing - 'CARE' Breathing

C - Get Comfortable
Get comfortable – lying down or sitting, find a quiet and comfortable spot. Close/lower your eyes, drop your shoulders down, allow your jaw to relax. 

A - Abdomen
Put one hand on your  tummy (abdomen), 
the other on your upper  chest. Gently breathe in slowly through your nose to a count of 4… (notice your tummy rise, like a balloon inflating).

Pause, then gently breathe out to a count of 6 through slightly pursed lips (as though blowing bubbles), notice your tummy deflating… Pause after each outbreath.

R - Repeat & relax
Relax into the breathing allowing your thoughts to settle. If your thoughts wander, gently guide your thoughts back to your breathing practice in the present moment.

E - Explore – continue to breathe gently as you notice where you feel relaxed or still carrying tension.  

Breathing tips for panic situations.
Already in panic mode?  
Stressed, dizzy and over-breathing (hyperventilating)?  
If you need something to help calm you down quickly – try this breathing technique:

• Breathe in through your nose.
• Breathe out through your mouth  
  - as if you are saying the word 
  “Phew” or blowing down a straw,  
  your lips a bit like doing a selfie pout.

• Take slightly longer on this 
  outbreath than on your in-breath. 

• Notice the sound your breath 
  makes as you exhale – don’t be 
  in too much of a hurry to 
  breathe in again, just pause for 
  a short moment then repeat 
  until your breath has started 
  to calm. 

Useful Websites and Apps:

A free mindfulness and meditation app and website. 

Headspace App’ – 
Guided meditations for all levels to relieve anxiety.  For more information check out the App Zone

No Panic: Youth Helpline 0330 606 1174 840 393 (13-20 year olds) 
4pm - 6pm Mon’ to Friday 

Recorded relaxation message for panic – 01952 680835 – 24 hours