APPLE technique for coping with uncertainty

Finding uncertainty hard to manage? then try the simple APPLE technique:
A - AWARE - notice the anxiety as it comes to mind, acknowledge it is there.
P - PAUSE – rather than simply reacting as you usually do, just take a moment, breathe... pause.
P - PULL BACK – Remind yourself that the thought is just your worry talking, talking in an unhelpful way.
L - LET GO – let go of the worrying thought or feeling about needing certainty. Remind yourself that thoughts are not facts, you don't need to react to them as if they are. You might want to picture the worrying thought gently drifting off like a bubble or a cloud.
E - EXPLORE – Notice the present moment - tune in to your senses, what you can see, feel, hear, touch; notice your breathing and the firm ground beneath you.

Blue Skies

Imagine that your mind is a clear blue sky, fresh and bright. Now imagine your thoughts as if they are clouds against the sky - sometimes they might seem dark and thundery at others they are light like fluffy cotton wool balls... sometimes the sun comes shining through. Notice that the clouds will drift away, constantly changing - just like our thoughts and feelings but the sky is always blue above them.

RAIN for self compassion - Meditation with Tara Brach

The RAIN technique and meditation is a lovely way to calm the system and was developed by mindfulness expert Tara Brach (link below): RECOGNISE what is happening; ALLOW the feeling to be there, just as it is, make room, it's just how it is right now; INVESTIGATE the feeling with interest, gentleness and care, sense what you are believing about yourself or others, notice what that feeling is like in your body, what does that part of you need most?NURTURE and nourish yourself with self compassion, explore what allows you to feel love in your very being, be it a sensation of light or warmth, have the intention to offer yourself care.

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