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Being a parent or carer can be really tough at times, particularly when you discover that a young person is in real emotional distress or when you are anxious about aspects of their behaviour. You may find it hard to know what to do for the best to support the young person.

Counselling is just one way in which a young person may feel supported but it is most likely to be effective if it is something the young person has chosen to do for themselves.   

Download our Parents & Carers' pdf guide using the link below and see also other information & resources to support you in the sections below.

Unlike some other services, the HYCS service can only be accessed by the young person through self-referral ie by the young person themselves. This is important because it means that the young person is engaged in the process from the outset and can trust HYCS to work with them and hear their concerns directly.  It is, for many, an important first step in taking control of their own wellbeing.

A young person does not need to be referred to us by a professional such as a GP, mental health specialist, teacher, SENCO, social worker or by a parent – indeed, HYCS does not take referrals from anyone other than the young person for the reasons above.  

Professionals and parents/carers can help young people to access our service if necessary by encouraging or supporting them in making that first contact for themselves.

To enable the young person to make an informed choice, information about HYCS can be easily accessed at this website or simply contact HYCS to request display posters and information leaflets. HYCS is happy to offer advice to parents, carers and professionals about the initial signposting process and to provide information about our service.  

When emotions and problems begin to feel overwhelming, counselling provides young people with a chance to talk about whatever is troubling them in confidence, in a safe and supportive environment.  The counsellor will listen to what they say and feel without judging, helping them to explore thoughts, feelings and experiences and to work things out for themselves, building resilience and self-belief.  

Young people who use our service give us regular feedback about their positive experience of our service.


Confidentiality is fundamental to HYCS’ work with young people and allows them to feel safe and trust in talking to us – we do not share what young people talk to us about with parents or professionals except in exceptional circumstances where we feel they or others may be at risk.  

Under GDPR data and privacy laws we are also committed to safeguarding our clients' privacy and protecting the personal information given to us.  Read more about this in our privacy policy.

Step 1 – The Introductory Session
When a young person first contacts the service, HYCS will book them in for an introductory session – usually within 2 weeks of first contact.

This intro’ session, at our Centre in St Johns Road, typically lasts 50 minutes and is an opportunity for the young person to learn more about HYCS and the counselling process, to explore initial concerns and to identify what help they feel may be most beneficial. It also enables HYCS to identify need, provide interim support resources and to signpost to other services where necessary.

Step 2 – Waiting List for Regular Counselling
If after the introductory session they decide that they would like to continue and to have regular counselling HYCS will add their name to our waiting list – waiting times for a regular slot can vary but are typically around 8-12 weeks. HYCS will contact them as soon as a slot becomes available.

You may find it helpful to take a look at our Parents and Carers Guide for ideas to support you or our Information for Parents and Professionals leaflet shown below for information about our service and the referral process. 

Download our Parents & Carers' pdf guide here: 

Download our Parents and Professionals' Guide to the referral process here:

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