Creating A Kindness Kit: Your very own rainy day self soothe box (or bag)

What to Include:

Check out the list below or follow the video links at the bottom, then get creating: 

First of all - find a suitable gift box or bag - decorate it and make it your own.

Then choose things that are soothing for all five senses:

Inspiring Quotes & Positive Coping Statements (Mantras)

Choose some of your favourites - a poem, song lyric, line from a book; write them out on little cards or paper, decorate it to make it your own. 

Print out or create a digital gallery of the people and pets or the places and experiences that remind you of good memories and lift the spirits.  That visit to an adventure park, a picnic with friends, the concert you enjoyed... the list is endless.

Playlists & Podcasts
Put in a reminder list - to remind you of your favourite uplifting songs or podcasts that anchor you back to better times. 

Express It
Always good to have some creative materials - paper, pad and pens to express yourself visually or in words...

Touchy Feely
From fidget spinners, feathers, and sparkly glitter cubes to therapy putty, bubble wrap and smooth stones... add in something to fiddle with!

Top Reads and Activities
Got a favourite book that you always return to?  Enjoy crosswords or puzzles?  Put copies in your kit.

Pamper Products
Don't forget to put something in to self soothe whether it be a lovely perfume or body spray or essential oil, a luxurious facemask, nail varnish, handcream, a scented bath bomb or bubble bath.

Something Cuddly
Whether its a little teddy, cosy socks or scarf or pom pom... somethings 

Contact Numbers
Write a list of people you can contact - friends, helplines etc and put those people on speed dial on your phone.

Something Soothing to Savour
A sachet of your favourite tea, hot chocolate or warm drink or favourite snack bar.

Here are some links to show you how to get started and to inspire you in creating your own.

Young Minds - How to Make a Self Soothe Box
Young Minds blogger Eve shares how she made her self soothe box.

Hampshire CAMHS - Video on Making a self soothe box.