Welcome to the Self Help Hub's guide to supporting services & resources - listed under this section Q & R are resources supporting the following subject areas: Racism & Racial Trauma, Rape, Refugees, Rights, Runaways.

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See also A-Z Directory entries under BAME, Hate Crime and Rights. 

Training movement dedicated to healing, wellness and liberation of black and marginalised communities.  Toolkit and resources section. 

Childline - Racism and Racial Bullying
No one has the right to make you feel bad or abuse you for who you are.  Find information and advice about racism and racial bullying.

Tapping Solution - Racial Anxiety Relief Tapping Meditation.
Dr Silas, a specialist in anxiety and trauma created a Tapping meditation for 'Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour to experience some ease from the anxiety (alongside many other emotions)... The pain we are feeling is justified, and our bodies still need a break. Whether you are having trouble sleeping, experiencing headaches, stomachaches, or a racing heart, we need to take care of ourselves so that we can connect to our own power".

Youth Access - Make Our Rights Reality - Black Lives Matter Blog
Self care tips and resources in times of racial trauma. 

Consent is Everything
"Sexual consent is where a person has the ability and freedom to agree to sexual activity".   Rape is sexual activity without consent.  This simple video called 'Tea and Consent simply explains what consent is (and isn't).

Galop  - 020 7704 2040 
LGBTQ+ anti-violence charity, if you’ve experienced hate crime, sexual violence or domestic abuse.   Support LGBTQ people who have had problems with the police or have questions about the criminal justice system.

The Havens
020 3299 6900 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Information and support for all ages and for anyone who has been sexually assaulted or raped within the last 12 months; Download their useful self help guide - click here for link.

The Mix - video about visiting a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) following a sexual assault or rape
This video by The Mix, a site for young people, explains step by step what to expect and your options if you decide to go to a SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre).   It is a self referral route which does not involve the police, unless you want it to.  It allows you time to decide what you want to do without any pressure.

NHS - Help After Rape and Sexual Assault
NHS website - information about what sexual assault is, what to do and options if you have been assaulted, services that can support you including information about the SARC's (sexual assault referral centres).

Rape Crisis
Provides frontline specialist, independent and confidential services for women and girls of all ages who've experienced any form of sexual violence, at any time in their lives.   Contact to find details of your local centre.

Solace Rape Crisis Helpline - North London
0808 801 0305
The North London Rape Crisis Helpline is a free, anonymous service available to women and girls aged 13+ who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time: recent or non-recent. They offer a safe and non-judgmental space for women, whether you are already receiving support, awaiting counselling, or speaking out for the first time.

Survivors' Gateway - London  
0808 801 0860
The London Survivors' Gateway offers victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse aged 13+ help to access specialist services in London.  It provides information on what help is available after rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse or any form of sexual violence and offer support to access these services. They work with anyone aged 13 or above regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, language, ethnicity or immigration status.  If you are a survivor and would like to access their service, please complete an online self-referral form.

Survivors UK  
Chat online or Message+44 7491 816064 on WhatsApp
Offers a range of support services for male survivors of rape or sexual abuse.  Established for male survivors but also welcomes anyone who identifies as male, trans, non-binary, has identified as male in the past, or anyone who feels that we are the right fit for them.

Victim Support
Emotional and practical support for anyone affected by a crime regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police.

Free, confidential support 24/7, not only for those who experience it directly, but also their friends, family and any other people involved. It doesn’t matter when the crime took place – you can get our support at any time, and for however long you need us.

Women and Girls Network
0808 801 0660 
WGN are a free service run by women, for women in London who have been affected by all forms of violence and abuse.

Young Women's Service works to create safe and confidential spaces to get support. If you are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing any form of violence against women and girls (VAWG) contact WGN to get support. 

Refugee Council
Work directly with refugees providing support from the moment they arrive in the UK including both crisis advice and practical support.   They are the only national service offering support to all unaccompanied refugee children who arrive alone seeking safety in England.

British Red Cross
The Red Cross can offer help with the urgent needs of refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants.  They can provide a variety of support including practical items including food, clothing and toiletries.

Rights of Women: Immigration and Asylum Law Line - 020 7490 7689
For women who need advice on their immigration status including immigration law including domestic violence, long residence and family life; rights of Europeans and their families in the UK, asylum, trafficking, financial support options. 


Citizens Advice - National Advice Line 0344 411 1444  
Gives people the knowledge and confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problem. Their network of charities offers confidential free advice online, over the phone, and in person on issues such as housing, immigration, law, debt and money, benefits, health and more.

Disability Rights UK 
Disabled Students' Helpline 0330 995 0414
Personal Budgets Helpline 0330 995 0404 personalbudgets@disabilityrightsuk.org Provides information, advice and useful factsheets across a wide range of issues for anyone with disabilities.

See also under H for Homelessness.

Missing People
Support for the 180,000 people who run away and go missing each year. We also provide support for family and friends.

Nightstop provides emergency overnight accommodation for young homeless people who are facing a night on the streets or sleeping in an unsafe place. 

Runaway Helpline - Free Call/text on 116000
Support and advice for anyone who has run away or is thinking about running away from home.